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  • Sculpt Fitness is Connecticut's Premiere Personal Training & Lifestyle Center located in the heart of the Farmington Valley.  Our certified personal trainers will coach you towards your goals and help you achieve what matters most to you.  Beyond cardio exercise and strength training we also put a heavy focus on maintaining balanced nutrition as part of our program.
    Finally meet your personal fitness goals with Sculpt Fitness in Farmington, CT. Individualized programs available in private setting.
    Learn more about our services and take advantage of your 1st Week Free to see what Sculpt is all about.

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  • What makes us different from other personal training is that we care. This is not a job to us, and you are not just another sale. In fact, we only want your membership if it's a good fit for you. Try your first week absolutely free with no expectations. If it's a good fit for you, it's a good fit for us. Your mission is our mission. This is our passion. This is our purpose.
  • "I was a fan of Sculpt Fitness after the first few minutes of walking through the door. The owners are helpful, the trainers are excellent, and the classes are very challenging. I think what I enjoy most, however, is the feeling that I'm with family when I attend classes. There is no judgment at Sculpt - only encouragement. Although I originally joined to lose weight for my wedding, I stayed because of the fantastic people. There's no other gym like Sculpt Fitness!"

    Christine D.

  • Sculpt Fitness is Connecticut’s Premier Personal Training and Lifestyle Center.
     Your Life. Your Trainer. Your Goal. 
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