• At Sculpt Fitness, we commit to delivering the best in physical conditioning and nutritional consulting. Through motivation and education, we aim to empower every member with the resources to help them attain and maintain their own personal fitness goals.

    We all live a busy lifestyle, trying to balance work, family, and our health. Too often do we sacrifice one for another. To help, our workouts are designed to be safe, efficient, and create maintainable results. An average member can achieve incredible progress in a short time, without revolving life around exercise. The Sculpt environment is energetic, yet inviting and professional. We pride ourselves on being a purposeful facility, teaming up with our members to focus and reach their fitness goals one workout at a time.

    Owners, Jeff Wood and Rita McPhee started this company after privately educating and inspiring men and women to meet their goals. Rita herself went through a transformation, losing over 100 pounds with Jeff as her trainer and coach. The Sculpt Staff, experienced in everything from teaching yoga to training professional competitive athletes, are here to bring you closer to goal each day. Together, the Team generously complements each other with their love of fitness and passion for changing lives.

    The entire Sculpt Team believes  exceptional health is achieved through a balance in all areas of your life. We created this truly unique environment specifically designed to help attain your goals. Achieving your fitness goals doesn’t have to be something to dread, but instead can naturally become part of your life like any other necessary activity. Believe it or not, in just a few short hours each week, your new healthy lifestyle can be fun and make you feel better than ever!

    With training available by appointment throughout the day, Sculpt Fitness can accommodate your busy work and family schedule. We're open from 5 AM to 9 PM Monday through Friday and 6 AM to 12 PM Saturdays.

    Call to learn more about Sculpt Fitness at 860-470-7395 to schedule a complimentary consultation and begin your path towards a stronger, leaner, healthier you!