• Corporate Wellness Seminars

  • Since 2014, Sculpt Fitness of Farmington has been Central Connecticut's leading provider of personalized wellness programs. Beginning this year, the Sculpt Team has broken out of the gym to bring the LiveSculpted brand of Wellness Seminars to your conference room. 

    There's no doubt that healthier employees are more productive and lead organizations to success. By incorporating a routine that focuses on good health, your team can boost productivity, which directly correlates to higher quality of work, and of course, more profits.

    We've long believed that the most effective companies follow one basic model:
    Take care of your team, and they'll take care of your customers.

    You want to help keep your staff healthy and happy, now you can showcase your initiative with Sculpt Fitness.

    • Low Cost Wellness Seminars
    • Discussions on Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle
    • Increase Office Productivity
    • Decrease Stress and Illness
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