• Member of the Month, Fitness Transformation, personal trainer ctFor the first time ever we are excited to recognize a personal training pair as our Members of the Month!

    Tom P and Patrick T have utilized Sculpt’s partner personal training option to both work on their fitness goals and health.

    They started training with Ben on August 30th together twice per week and Tom typically grabs an extra session on his own. While they train together, their goals and needs are certainly a little different. Tom is an avid runner who has transformed his running and diet since starting at Sculpt.  Patrick has a full social and work calendar that often forces him to dine out with clients and colleagues – but even without giving up this aspect of his life, he is still able to see progress from his workouts and learn about how to balance healthier options.

    Ironically, both Tom and Patrick have lost 3.6% body fat since they began personal training just over 3 months ago.  Tom has lost 4.6 % body weight and Patrick has lost 4.7% weight.

    From Tom:

    Throughout the years, I overlooked weight training as part of my marathon training.  This year, in anticipation of running my seventh full marathon at the NYC Marathon, I reached out to Sculpt and was paired up with Ben as my trainer.

    Over the past few months, Ben has worked with me on strength and conditioning to help improve my performance and overall health.  This has helped enhance my running efficiency allowing me to successfully run both the Hartford Half Marathon and NYC Marathon this past Fall!

    While training with Ben, he always keeps an objective eye, optimizes each training session to target different muscle groups, ensures that I have good form, and holds me accountable to reach new limits (always with good humor).

    Additionally, Ben has guided me on nutrition having introduced me to a ketogenic diet.  He keeps me on track to eating well and has provided me with numerous tips and strategies.  Sculpt, and Ben, have created an encouraging environment that is helping me to reach my goals!

    From Patrick:

    My experience at Sculpt over the past few months has been extremely rewarding! Having never worked with a trainer or regularly gone to a gym before, I was a bit skeptical if this was something that I would be able to both commit to and enjoy. From day one Ben made me feel welcome and was dedicated to helping me find the right balance of exercise and nutrition. Three months later I have made solid progress with both weight loss and getting in better overall shape. I am looking forward to working with Ben and making even more progress towards my goals in the coming year!