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    Jeff’s career in the fitness industry was as much a surprise to him, as anyone else. Even as child, he wanted to work for himself rather than spend his life working for someone else. After graduating from business school in 2009, Jeff continued his work in concert venues, where he had worked part time as a teenager, as well as pursuing opportunities with several music festivals as an event manager. By then, he had already begun running a restaurant and distributing cellular electronics around the world. In 2010, Jeff had left the restaurant and wholesale businesses in hopes of finding something more meaningful to himself. He was soon hired at a small fitness studio as the general manager, where he worked for nearly five years. In 2014, the time came for him to refocus on his own advancement. On December 9th, 2014, Sculpt Fitness official opened, after several months of planning and development. Jeff holds multiple fitness certifications, including Spartan SGX, an acclaimed distinction in performance and obstacle course training.