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  • Jen Piccolo

    Personal Trainer

  • Jen, also known on the web as @jenthefitfoodie, is a top performer inĀ Sculpt Fitness Team! Already an experienced personal trainer, nutrition coach, and inspiration to more than 20,000 fitness enthusiasts, Jen decided to further her education and become a NASM Professional Fitness Trainer. In addition to classroom coursework at the Branford Hall Career, she looked to the expert staff at Sculpt Fitness for mentoring and in-depth, hands on training. Upon completion of her internship, Sculpt was eager to welcome Jen to the team on a permanent basis, in the role of Certified Personal Trainer. Now, with a few years under her belt, ask any one of her clients what they think of Jen!

    Jen's journey began over 80lbs ago, when she realized just how important her health is. Taking to the gym, internet, and friends for information and support, she started learning just how much it would take to shed the weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Jen created several social media outlets to share her experience with those who needed their own motivation. After seeing how her transformation and online motivation inspired others, Jen knew becoming a personal trainer was the next path for her.

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