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  • Rita McPhee

  • Rita McPhee, Weight Loss Specialist

    Rita's start in fitness began with a personal journey to transform her own body. Like most other mothers, her need to put her children first exhausted her time and energy to continue to focus on health and wellness. Despite having a very supportive husband and extended family, Rita struggled to schedule exercise and smart nutrition into her lifestyle. In an attempt to chip away at the extra weight, she hired a personal trainer at her local gym. After quickly realizing a trainer at the big box gym wasn't the right fit for her, Rita decided to explore other options, but still had low expectations.

    In early 2012, still looking for the road to success, Rita contacted a small personal training studio, and met with then General Manager, Jeff Wood. Inspire by her story and courage, Jeff decided to take Rita on as a client exclusively, as he had limited his training availability. Within the first 3 months of physical and nutritional coaching, Rita had already lost over 50lbs, and was well on her way to success. For the first time in years, she felt healthy and excited for what new accomplishments were in store over the next round of training. By the time Rita had completed her first year, she had lost nearly 150lbs, challenged her mind and body, and had inspired men and women alike with her transformation.