• Growing up Mike always wanted to play sports and spend time outside.  He spent 12 years playing soccer but upon going to college he realized it was harder to balance playing the sport he loved and his schoolwork so he gave up the sport.  After a few years he started realizing he was not in the same great shape he had once been while playing soccer. Scrawny and weak were words he used to describe himself.  He knew he had to make a change.

    Mike started training at Sculpt Fitness with Ben.  Ben put him to work and taught him how to work out correctly and about the industry in general.  In a short amount of time, Mike completely transformed himself, more than he ever thought possible.  Not only did he notice differences, but friends and family did too.  Mike knew he wanted to give others the same happiness and confidence he found from a regular fitness routine.  He completed his NASM Certification and is excited to join the Sculpt team as a Certified Personal Trainer.