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    Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) has become the fastest growing sport of this decade. Competitors shed their fear and protective layers to compete against his or her own past self, in hopes to create a stronger future. The sport requires incredible amounts of physical ability, but even more mental strength. At nearly 20 miles, some races take as long as 9 hours to complete. Can your body stand up to the challenge and come out battered, bruised, and exhausted? Can your mind?

    Team Sculpt has competed in 10 major OCRs in the last two years, in the United States and Canada. In 2017, we will be participating in at least 6 additional races, all leading up to our next Spartan Beast, held in London, England.

    You can never be too prepared for Obstacle Course Racing. Train with one of our OCR specialist trainers and we'll cover the cost of your next race, up to $100! You will improve:

    • Physical Strength & Conditioning
    • Mental Focus & Endurance
    • Obstacle-Specific Training
    • Co-Op/Team Preparation
    • Sport-Specific Nutrition
  • "I honestly never considered doing a race like Tough Mudder or Spartan. I remember telling my trainer the people who did them were insane. Jeff challenged me to do the "easiest" Spartan, but warned me that I'd have to train hard to be ready. Right away he booked my first race, which he called a warmup. It only took about 45 minutes and we walked a good amount, but I knew I had work to do if I wanted to overcome all of the obstacles. Once I had some confidence in myself, I got hooked. I've now done 2 Mudders and the 2 shorter Spartans. I can't wait to take on my longest race next year. I'm hooked!"

    -Kelly T.

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