• Nutrition and Lifestyle Transformation

  • There's a pretty big misconception about nutrition in our society, but as any real personal trainer will tell you, healthy eating habits are the most important part of fitness. No, there's no magic pill or workout that can undo poor nutrition, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the foods you love.

    At Sculpt Fitness, we believe 100% in working hard and enjoying the rewards when they come. Every couple of weeks don't be afraid to treat yourself for all your hard work over the weeks past. Enjoy a nice basket of greasy french fries or a slice of pizza - with the works! Just like your transformation, our only rule is you have to earn it!

    Nutrition is so important in developing your transformation, we include it with every one of our Personal Training packages at no extra cost.

    It can be tough at first, but we'll guide you to getting it done right!  It's all part of the Live Sculpted way!

  • I can't lie, my eating habits have been bad all my life. I ate maybe twice a day and I thought I felt fine. What I didn't know was that my body was just really well adjusted to that. When my personal trainer told me I should actually eat more I thought he was crazy, but I gave it a shot. First week I lost 4lbs of body fat and gained 2lbs of lean muscle. I'm sleeping like a baby at night and I have so much energy all day.

    Frank H.

  • A few tips...

    • Eat consistently and frequently!
    • Drink plenty of water!
    • Plan ahead!

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